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‘State-of-the-art' may just be a cliche to some but at Meticulous Lodge, it is our motto.

From the latest scientific equipment which is used to ensure that semen collection is of optimum quality and preserved in the correct manner, to the luxurious kennels that their valuable stud dogs are housed in, Meticulous Lodge leaves no stone unturned in their desire to have best practice measures in place across their entire business operation.

Having been trained in the world renowned Camelot Farms semen preservation system, Paul has established his own semen collection laboratory and is now one of Australia’s leading Studmasters standing superstars such as Fernando Bale, Barcia Bale and Fabregas.

With the growing demand to stand the best stud dogs in Australia and the ever evolving science of reproduction a constant learning challenge, Paul has undergone further training to ensure he is at the cutting edge of his profession and he continues to be recognised as one of the leaders in his field.


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Chemometec NucleoCounter® SP-100™

Sperm cell counter SP-100™ from Chemometec is a global industry standard in semen counting and quality control, it offers precise, reliable and objective results in the short time of 30 seconds.

Designed, manufactured and tested in Denmark, the mechanism involves the use of a specialized disposable cassette that contains propidium Iodide (PI) dye, that stains the DNA of sperm cells. When loaded on to the machine, it recognizes and counts each cell to the highest accuracy.

The pre-calibrated volume and self-contained design eliminates any human subjectivity and exposure to hazardous material.

Sperm cell counter SP-100™ from Chemometec is available through John Morris Group in Australia and New Zealand.

Chemometec NucleoCounter® SP-100™


Meticulous Lodge has invested in AndroVision®, the latest semen evaluation technology that assists with providing the best quality semen possible. AndroVision® is a computer assisted semen analysis (CASA) machine manufactured and distributed by Minitube Australia, based on excellent microscopy (semen image detection) and sophisticated computer software to identify, track and record semen performance parameters.

AndroVision® can count the sperm (concentration) but most importantly it is able to calculate motility in a very accurate way. This is an objective measurement (as compared to subjective guestimates made by the human eye), and the technology is regarded as the global gold standard for semen motility assessment. We undertake AndroVision® quality control checks on all our frozen semen doses to ensure the product we sell exceeds accepted standards.


Purchasing a frozen semen vial

We understand people have females coming onto season every day of the week and planning which stud dog to use is a very important decision.

Our online “Semen Request Form” allows breeders to put in their request at any time of the day that suits. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent back with availability, price and payment details to get semen organized. Alternatively, breeders can call us during business hours so we can arrange a vial.

Quite often semen may already be available at the most popular facilities we use in Australia, although the busier stud dogs may be sold out or only available to females on season therefore stored at our facility only. If semen is not available at the vet clinic, we can easily ship overnight express to ensure semen arrives at the clinic quickly.

Once we receive payment, your paperwork will be promptly emailed or posted to you for your records. A copy will also be emailed to the veterinary facility and Greyhounds Australasia to get transfer of vial into the breeders name ready to be used when the female is on season.

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